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About Us

INB Family Law LLP is a family law firm with a team of experienced lawyers dedicated to helping clients navigate complex legal matters with compassion and skill. Led by Jason Isenberg, Nafisa Nazarali, and Adam Borer, the firm offers an extensive range of family law services.

Our Story

Jason Isenberg, an esteemed partner at INB Family Law, draws upon more than two decades of experience in all areas of family law, but has shown an unwavering passion for the welfare of children.  Jason has also focused on the rights of grandparents and other family members to maintain contact time with the children they love. Collaborative law is another area in which Jason excels, guiding his clients towards alternative dispute resolution pathways to circumvent any physical or financial strain involved in court-related proceedings.

​Nafisa Nazarali, a partner at INB Family Law, possesses refined expertise in advocating for clients embroiled in intricate family law cases.  Her proficiencies extend to handling divorce cases that are multi-faceted, child custody disputes with nuanced issues and spousal support negotiations that require an ardent advocate. Nafisa is known for her compassionate approach and her ability to guide clients through difficult times with empathy and understanding.

​Adam Borer, also a partner at INB Family Law, is a distinguished legal professional with advanced expertise in all areas of dispute resolution, including negotiation, litigation and collaborative law. His clients benefit greatly from his guidance and direction throughout the intricate legal proceedings related to family law.

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