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The Family Responsibility Office (FRO) is a government agency that provides valuable assistance in the collection, distribution, and enforcement of child support or spousal support payments. FRO acts as an intermediary between the paying partner and the recipient, managing the payment process to ensure smooth transactions.


The FRO plays a vital role in safeguarding the financial security of families who rely on court-ordered support. Responsibilities include collecting from the support payers and ensuring the payments are promptly delivered to the entitled recipients. The FRO does not, however, modify the terms of support orders or the support amount, intervene in matters of custody or visitation, nor does it issue payments to recipients when the payer misses a payment.


In Ontario, when a court order mandates an individual to make child or spousal support payments, the FRO automatically receives and processes the support order.

The FRO possesses the necessary authority to enforce support orders through various actions, including:


  1. Employing garnishment on the payor's bank accounts

  2. Retrieving any outstanding amounts from the Canadian government, such as income tax refunds, employment insurance benefits, Canada Pension Plan benefits, and Old Age Security benefits.

  3. Reporting the payor's delinquency to the credit bureau.

  4. Temporarily suspending the payor's driver's license.

  5. Temporarily suspending the payor's Canadian passport or any other federal licenses, including pilot's licenses and maritime and navigational licenses and certificates.

  6. Imposing a lien on the payor's personal possessions.

  7. Initiating a writ of seizure and sale for any property owned by the payor.

  8. Notifying the payor's professional or occupational organizations regarding their non-compliance.

  9. Commencing a default hearing, which could result in imprisonment for up to 180 days, to seize the payor's lottery winnings.

Receiving child support can in some cases be a long-drawn-out process, and it may require more assistance than what the FRO’s enforcement order can provide. Our team is experienced with dealing with child support matters and FRO involvement. We will center your rights and the best interest of your children. For more information and to book a consultation, contact us today.

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