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Join the DRLA’s Annual Fall Conference for Family Law Professionals and Students

Are you a family law professional eager to continuously learn? Are you interested in networking

with other family lawyers in the Durham region? Are you a student interested in learning more about family law?

Join us on September 28th–29th at the DRLA's Annual Fall Conference which will feature a wide range of topics, with dedicated programs for various practice areas.

On September 29th, 2023, from 9 AM to 4 PM, the conference will host a dedicated full-day

program for Family Law. INB Family Law LLP is excited to announce that our very own partner

Nafisa Nazarali will chair the DRLA’s Annual Fall Conference - Family Law program with INB

partners Jason Isenberg and Adam Borer as co-chairs.

The DRLA is an important community resource hub for networking, aiming to serve the local

legal community, promoting information and resources for legal professionals. The DRLA’s

Family Law program will have a comprehensive agenda that will delve into subjects of

professionalism, substantive law, and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) through various

speakers, a judges panel and a Q&A session on a range of family law topics.

The event will be held at the Ajax Convention Centre, 550 Beck Crescent Ajax, ON L1Z 1C9.

Eager to be part of this great opportunity? Reserve your spot by registering no later than

September 8th, 2023.

Please note conference tickets have been thoughtfully priced to accommodate various


  • Students can benefit from tickets priced at $50 for a half-day program or $100 for the full-day experience.

  • DRLA members are offered tickets at $75 for half a day or $150 for the full-day program

  • Non-DRLA members can secure tickets for $100 for the half-day program or $200 for the full-day program.

Don’t miss this great event and a chance to network within the Durham Family Law legal


Type of ticket

Half-day program

Full-day program




DRLA members



Non-DRLA members



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